The Regional Health Authorities of Manitoba Inc. (RHAM) is a non-profit corporation established to pursue joint activities of mutual benefit to the Regional Health Authorities (RHAs). It was established under The Corporations Act in 1998 on the initiative of the RHAs who saw the need for a legal umbrella organization under which the coordination of certain activities on a provincial basis could occur.

The Members of the Corporation initially consisted of the eleven (11) Regional Health Authorities. The Chairs (or Vice-Chairs where designated) represent their respective RHA at Members meetings.

In June, 2012 the 11 Regional Health Authorities were amalgamated and became five regions.

RHAM is governed by a board of directors, appointed by the Members, comprised of the CEOs from each of the RHAs.

General Description

The Regional Health Authorities of Manitoba is a non-profit organization that assists its members in improving the quality and delivery of Manitoba's health services. Providing members with support services and the legal ability to pursue joint initiatives fulfills this role.

The organization provides a forum through which the Regional Health Authorities participate as a member of HealthcareCAN.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the organization was reviewed and revised in February, 2012 as follows:

The Regional Health Authorities of Manitoba (RHAM) exists to promote and provide patient-centered, integrated province-wide, sustainable approaches to health care in Manitoba which are founded on quality, collaboration, partnership and a spirit of innovation.


  • To act as the umbrella organization for the direct operating divisions of RHAM. To date the Regional Health Authorities of Manitoba Purchasing Program (RHAMPP) is the only operating division. Depending on the needs of the RHAs, other operating divisions may be added on an ad hoc or standing basis.

  • RHAM also enters into contracts with external health service providers as required

Secretariat support services:


  • To provide secretarial, administrative and logistical support to the Council of Chairs, RHAM Board, the committees of each of these bodies as well as to the various committees/groups or "Networks" which report to these bodies (e.g. Health Programs and Services Executive Network, Chief Financial Officers, etc).

  • Ensure information is exchanged across the above mentioned bodies and with third parties as directed or required.

  • Serve as a link or a clearinghouse between the above mentioned bodies and external agencies such as government and other provincial and national organizations to ensure communication and to facilitate relationships.

  • Issues management services including research and policy analysis on behalf of the Council of Chairs and/or the CEOs. This includes the development of briefings, position papers and background reports for both Councils.

  • Assists members in developing consistent policies and standards.

  • Supports members in communicating to the provincial government regarding the allocation of health resources.

  • Supports the Council of Chairs in its role of monitoring and promoting integration within the health system.

  • Coordinates the representation of members on various provincial and federal committees
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